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If you want to buy cheap car insurance you either want it now or in the future. If you want it now then it is likely that very few of the criteria that the insurance companies use when calculating the premium, such as the type of car, your driving record, age, address etc can be changed; if you are looking more to the future it is a different proposition altogether. If you need to find some cheap quotes now you can at least find the cheapest one which is available to someone matching your profile from a panel of insurers on a price comparison website; if you are looking to the future then you may well be thinking about changing your car, renting a garage, giving up an evening job or a number of other factors which can make a great deal of difference to an insurance quotation.

Insurers use a long list of factors to calculate what sort of risk you represent to them. It is not only a question of whether or not you are likely to have an accident, but also what that accident is statistically likely to cost them. If you are young and inexperienced then that would increase your premium but, conversely, if you wish to insure a car with a group one insurance rating that could substantially reduce it. This is because these cars have been found to have a very low accident record, they are relatively cheap to buy, maintain and repair, and they contain safety features such as airbags which can protect passengers in the event of a crash; and also protect the insurance company against claims for injuries. Examples of group one cars include the Fiat Panda, Citroen C1, Vauxhall Corsa hatchback, Volkswagen Fox, and the Seat Mili. Conversely, if you decide to drive one of the bigger Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, BMW, and Land Rover models, let alone any Porsche, Ferrari or Bentley you can forget about really cheap cover right away but even so it shouldn't cost you too much if you are a mature lady or gentleman with a good claim and conviction free record.

There are cheaper insurance companies out there but this is a highly competitive business and they all need to make a profit so what you get is what you pay for. Some companies which offer lower initial premiums will boost these with very high charges for extras such as registering a change of address, car, job etc and you could find that if you failed to inform them of any of these they would be within their rights to cancel your cover and refuse a payout. Other companies operate through the Internet only and can prove very difficult to contact when you really need them. Before dealing with any of these lesser-known companies it would be as well to search the Internet for reviews and see what other people have to say about them.

If you are looking to buy insurance in the future you may well decide to change your car and for young drivers in particular, who often have to pay more in insurance every year than their car has cost, this may be a useful tactic. Many manufacturers of smaller cars are offering very attractive lease terms these days which means that it can actually prove cheaper to buy a new car than a used one! The new car is also more likely to carry the latest safety features and give you more miles to the gallon, and so protecting you as well as saving you money.

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